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ATS Inspect is designed to reduce the costs associated with scrap, rework and warranty claims. The suite of applications provides two approaches to assessing quality:
  • Collects, analyzes and reports attribute data in manufacturing processes where defect information is critical to the production of quality parts.
  • Records and analyzes variable data to ensure that weights, temperatures, torques and any other critical measurements stay within specified limits.

Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduces scrap and rework cost
  • Eliminates paper checklists
  • Easily integrates with other systems
  • Configurable for many different applications
  • Easy-to-use operator interface

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Part of the ADOS Suite

ATS ADOS LogoATS Inspect is part of the award-winning ADOS (Attribute, Dimensional, Operational and Shared) software suite. ADOS gives you world-class data collection, reporting and analysis while its cross-application integration provides endless avenues along which to develop and expand your manufacturing potential. For more information on ATS ADOS see here.

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